People in The Workplace with a Disability

Visually impaired and disabled students come from all backgrounds and ages. Disability doesn’t discriminate. There are gardeners, farmers, musicians and teachers. We at Action believe that our students have many abilities and are capable of achieving great things, This goal is possible with the help of businesses and the community assisting with funds or learnership programs. People in the workplace with a disability can thrive when given a chance.

 The unemployment rate among the youth with disabilities is a clear indication of the lack of support and education of these students. Each and every disability is different, and different accommodations are needed for each employee. Many grants and government incentives are in place to assist with these accommodations in the workplace.

There are many benefits of employing a person with a disability. Here are just a few:

#1.  Lower Staff  Turnover

Unfortunately there is a belief that people with disabilities are weak and get sick more. This is a fallacy as only workers who have an immune deficiency will be more susceptible to illnesses. Healthy individuals with a disability will always show up for work and do their work just as able bodied people do. People with disabilities are dedicated to their jobs when given the opportunity and show their appreciation for this by showing up.

#2.  They do not need to be protected from failure

As mentioned above, employees with disabilities do exceed limitations and do not need to be protected from failure. All people have a right to safety in the workplace but also learn from failure. Able employees should allow employees with a disability to make their own mistakes too, so that they can learn and grow, just like everyone else. Just treat employees with a disability as you would any other co-worker.

People in the workplace with a disability are an asset to any business.

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