People With Vision Loss Face Barriers to Employment

People with vision loss face many barrier to employment. People with vision loss have dreams, hopes and talents just as sighted people do. Employment rates among people with vision loss are high.  Action for the Blind and Disabled Children do see their potential and strive to empower the visually impaired youth so that they can become economically sufficient. This can only be achieved with help from businesses and the community.

Many believe that the low employment rate among this group of people is due to lack of capabilities and qualifications. What if I told you that the real reason is stigma and discrimination? The truth is that the community sees people with disabilities as a burden or weak.

The visually impaired can do anything if given the correct training. Employers do not understand how people with vision loss can work using the technology available now days. People who are blind can bring unique abilities and diversity into the workplace.

Having vision loss shouldn’t be a curse, and with some education and research we can mend the gap in unemployment for the visually impaired. At Action, we remove the boundaries of culture and perceptions so that our students will only be seen for their qualifications and not their disability.

Action is involved in development of blind people through learnerships and advanced computer training. We hope to strengthen learnership programs, create employment and empower the youth who are disabled.

 At Action, a student will gain all the skills required to work on computers. We also offer pottery classes to enhance tactile skills. This is a brilliant way for many to make a living out of their art work.

For more information about training that we offer, please contact Elsie Botha on 011 763 3366 or and Stephen Bergers on 011 763 2429 or