Personal Safety for People with Disabilities

Personal safety for people with disabilities is necessary as they are three time more likely to be victims of assault, crimes and bullying. As mentors for people with disabilities, we urge the community to help people with disabilities be aware of their surroundings and dangers thereof.

Personal safety for people with disabilities tips:

Be Aware

Avoid distractions while out walking. Do not talk on your cellphone if you are out and about alone. Being aware of our surroundings is a must for anyone, but even more so for people with disabilities. When we are aware of our surroundings, we can prevent ourselves from falling prey to robbers or ending up hurt.

Stand up straight or hold head high

For those who cannot walk or hold their heads up, there would have to be a caretaker present. For those who can walk upright with good posture, they will be able to see and hear better. Walk upright and keep your head held high.  

 Find a safe space

This is a space where you can go in case of an emergency. Know all the exits in the building you are visiting and keep emergency numbers at top of your call list. Always make sure you are around other people and not alone.

Flight or Fight

How do you react when stressed or threatened? If you cannot move when afraid, it would be wise to take a buddy with you on your outings. Its important to be prepared for anything and everything that could possibly happen. Know your reactions and work around them.

Be rude if you must

If you are in a situation or place that makes you feel uneasy, trust your gut and say no to it. Do not worry about others being offended as your feelings and safety is just as valid as anyone elses.