Persons with Disabilities Benefit from Health and Wellbeing

Persons with disabilities benefit from health and wellbeing.  This gives persons with disabilities freedom to be employed and interact with society as a whole.

Healthy is Employable

Health and wellness shouldn’t be compared to the presence or absence of a disability.  These are broad concepts that have an impact on the quality of life experienced. When a person who has a disability is healthy, they will have more chance of employment.  It works the same way for people who are able-bodied too.  After all, no employer wants the hassle of an employee taking off time every other day as time is money spent.

Lack of Access to Health Wellness Programmes

In recent surveys, it is clear that a lower amount of persons with disabilities report their health to be excellent or very good.  The reason for this amount is due to the fact that they suffer from more ailments than the general population.  People with disabilities are also at risk for secondary conditions that affect their health and quality of life.  The reason for this is mostly because of the lack of access to health and wellness programmes.

Disabled People Are Able

Just look at history and those who have overcome the obstacles.  Many disabled people have done some remarkable things that have changed the world as we know it today.  Just two examples are:

  • Stephen Hawking – The scientist who was diagnosed with ASL and survived surprisingly long, passed away at the age of 76.
  • Tanni Grey Thompson – Olympic wheelchair racer. She graduated from Loughborough University with a BA degree in Politics and social administration.

Many of those who are unemployed face many health barriers that they must overcome to be successful.  The thing these people have in common with the above heroes is their ability to find strength and determination to succeed.

With the right support system, many people who have disabilities can be employed and make a valuable contribution to the community and at the same time gain independence.

It is important that people with disabilities get the correct health and wellness care needed to function in the workspace and schools.