Purpose with a Disability

Purpose with a Disability

Purpose with a disability is not just about eternal life or the secret to success. Many would believe that its carnal aspects that will make them happy and they focus on a better body, success, money, health and all the worldly things.

The truth is, happiness doesn’t come with winning the lottery or a good image but more about inner peace and acceptance of one’s authenticity.

  1. Have No Regrets

Many people become suddenly disabled through an accident and in many cases these could be avoided. When we live with regrets we miss out on the positive things in front of us and waste days obsessing about something we cannot go back and fix.

When we accept and find peace with a disability or injury we are able to feel less angry and move forward.

  •  Become Independent

Become independent and rely less on others is easier said than done. The reason for this is that we can become lazy when we are being helped. This is not always a good thing and before you know it, your life slips by and you have lost your identity as an individual. Doing thing on your own is a way of saying “I am”.

I am still capable

I am not hopeless

I am a winner

I am strong

I am worthy

Embrace Your Authenticity

 When you are disabled, it can be embarrassing or frustrating. Humans need to fit in and be accepted. Look at your uniqueness as something good and positive and you will soon find joy in it. Besides, who wants to be like everyone else and this world would be a boring place if we were all the same.