RightHear For People With Sight Impairments

RightHear for people with sight impairments provides full access and orientation in public buildings with real-time voice cues by smartphone. It tells them about their exact indoor location.

RightHear is a developer of advanced solutions for people with sight impairments. They recently announced the US launch of its first of a kind system which makes public buildings fully accessible to people with sight impairments.

RightHear solves the accessibility, orientation and navigation needs of those with visual impairments. It provides real-time voice cues, through their own smartphone – directing them and giving them exact indoor location cues.

Bluetooth beacons located in building give information which is then relayed into voice notifications. The sensors are installed by building staff through attaching them with a sticker to the wall.

Developer, Idan Meir designed this originally to help market stores – instead he ended up with a product that allows blind and visually impaired people navigate through public buildings.

Meir explains the birth of RightHear as being accidental:

“It happened almost by accident”

RightHear was originally created to offer virtual coupons to shoppers based on Apples iBeacon technology. These are small self powered Bluetooth transmitters. Then the business model didn’t make sense as they had to build a bulk user base for it to work and it became very challenging.

It was during a 24 hour hackathon in Tel Aviv that Meir and his partner Elgrably had an epiphany. It made more sense to market this app to venues instead of end users. This would work well for those who wanted to make their buildings more accessible for visually impaired people.

“We didn’t even know if blind people used smartphones or apps since they’re so visual”

They got to work putting together a prototype and the following day they were already being connected with many blind persons in the city.

Meir says they were blown away and so excited even though there was no product as yet.

Watch this YouTube video about RightHear

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