Self Employment for People with Disabilities Only Option

Self employment for people with disabilities only option in South Africa. Disabled job candidates who attend many interviews are seen by employees as incapable. This is why many would rather be self employed. Self employment for people with disabilities is possible when they are given the best training.

Business ventures are undertaken by the disabled community as they do not stand a chance or have support with regards to employment. Not everyone is an entrepeneur and many need to have the skills to run a business succesfully.

At Action, we train and mentor our students in advanced MS Office skills. We believe that it is wrong that disabled people are forced into being self employed and we encourage businesses to give these students a chance at gaining on-the-job training.

After a student has completed a learnership, they can then decide if they would prefer entering into the workplace or be self employed. Banks are not keen on financing most businesses nowdays and the credit act is water tight. Its even harder for a person sitting across a banker in a wheelchair or guide dog.

We have to get to a place where disabled entrepeneurs are given that chance to launch a business in the same way able-bodied people are. And self employement should be a conscious choice or desire – just as with anyone else.

What we need is more support from government and the community as a whole. There are so many positive aspects that people with disabilities bring to the economy. They are motivated, loyal and keen workers.

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