Set Up A Learnership With Action

Set up a learnership with Action 4 the Blind and Disabled and you wont be disappointed. As an employer you will need to apply for a learnership grant. Once you have done this you can set up contracts and learnership agreements with learners.

Setting up a learnership in 9 steps:

#1. Choose a Learnership

Employers will have to decide the skills they require the most and then contact SETA.

#2. Apply for a Grant

Employers can apply for a grant from their SETA once a learnership agreement is signed. Always contact your SETA before you sign a learnership agreement.

#3.  Find a Guide

Find someone in your organization to guide the learners and mentor them.

#4.  Choose a Training Provider

At Action, we are accredited and experienced to train people with disabilities. We offer advanced MS computer training and communications skills.

#5. Choose Students

Employers can choose learners from their workers or people with disabilities from Action 4 the Blind and Disabled Children.

#6. Sign the Learnership Agreement

Employers, training provider and learner must sign the learnership agreement.

#7. Sign Employment Contracts with Unemployed Learners

Employers must sign a contract that is Sectoral Determination for learnership compliant. Workers who are already working with the employer do not need to sign a new contract.

#8. Register the Learnership Agreement with the SETA

It is important that employers register their learnership agreement with the SETA. Not doing so will result in  no  tax returns from SARS.

#9. Start Learnership

Once all the above is complete, you can then start the learnereship programme.

A learnership is key for success for the youth with disabilities. The future is just that much brighter when there is a qualification available. Learners can go forward with confidence and gain meaningful employment or become self employed. The best way to learn is always on-the-job.