SETAs – Things You Need To Know

SETAs are the way to go in South Africa. Skills are in high demand in our country where the unemployment rate is so high. Only 50 percent of school leavers get employed in our country. The rate is even higher for youth with disabilities. SETAs help by empowering the youth in our country.

What is a SETA?

SETAs were created to manage skills development needs in South Africa and its economy. The economy is split up into 21 sectors that has its own SETA. SETAs are made up of economic activities that are linked and related e.g. Banking sector.

SETAs identify what skills are needed for each sector and develop these through training. Action is a computer skills training center for blind and disabled students and we work with SETA to develop a largely overlooked group of South Africans.

Skills Development Levy

The skills development levy  plays an important role in the functioning of SETAs. The grants are used to fund training. The levy is payable by employers that are registered with SARS for PAYE and hold a R500 000 annual payroll. The levy is 1 percent of monthly payroll.


Training is essential for people who require skills. A learnership is the most effective method of ensuring this happens. A learnership is a work based training program.  In some instances, the SETA will reimburse both the employer ans the training provider to cover learnership costs.

A nationally recognized qualification is awarded to the learner and it takes 6 months to a year to complete, depending on the training provider. The learners will attend classes and on the job training in the workplace. There will need to be a learnership agreement signed between all three parties, the employer, the learner and training provider.

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