Severe Vision Loss? New Vision Technology 2019

Severe vision loss affects 1.3 billion people globally and 80 percent of these cases can be avoided. Acesight is new vision technology that comes in the form of wearable electronic glasses.  These glasses are a combination of artificial intelligence, microprocessors and algorithms – providing visual independence for people with severe vision loss.

Massachusetts-based Zoomax (USA) Inc. recently announced the introduction of Acesight, brand new wearable electronic glasses that deliver true visual independence for people worldwide who have severe vision loss.

How Does It Work?

Acesight electronic glasses use Augmented Reality technology and feature two full HD displays that float in the front of the eye.  Everything is captured between the eyes via a tracking autofocus camera and magnifies it up to 15x normal size.

A hand-held controller allows the user to adjust magnification, contrast, and colors. Acesight’s unique algorithms allow the user to see more than just magnified text.  The user can view shapes and objects with outlines, and view text in high contrast with a choice of foreground and background colors.

 Who Will Benefit?

These glasses are suited to individuals with a visual acuity range from 20/100 to 20/800 and those who suffer from macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy

Everyday activities such as viewing faces and objects or walking around can be difficult for those with severe vision loss.  Acesight helps people regain their visual independence so that they can continue enjoying things they once did.

Chairman of Zoomax Technology Co, Vincent Lee says:

At Zoomax, we solve vision problems through creative technology. Working together with UCLA and MIT, we developed a set of special sensors, microprocessors and algorithms, to form a combination of artificial vision technology to solve the problems associated with visual impairment.  With Acesight, people with visual impairment can watch TV, work with the computer, see faces and read books.”