Shocking Facts about Disability in Developing Countries

Shocking Facts about Disability

Shocking facts about disability. There is an estimated 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide. With such an large number we should be improving access to education, employment and health care for these individuals.

We need to work with the most vulnerable no matter how difficult it is. Lets be honest, the statistics are dark and dreary and if you ask a person with a disability if they are supported, their answer will be – NO.

Fact #1. 80 percent of people who are disabled come from developing countries

15 percent of the world’s population has a disability and of that percentage, 80 percent are living in developing countries. There are many barriers, such as accessibility, cultural and social barriers.

People with disabilities are less likely to be employed and be educated. This fact needs to be addressed.

Fact #2. 90 percent of children who are disabled in developing countries never go to school

Reasons being that they live in developing countries where there is usually high levels of conflict, violence and poverty. There is also very little support for these children. They are looked over and we need to make them a priority as they are the future of our country.

Fact #3. Woman and men are more vulnerable to abuse

Woman and girls face many barriers due to gender discrimination. It is double the trouble when the woman is disabled. This is known as multiply disadvantaged. They are at higher risk of abuse than the general population.

Fact #4. The poor are more than likely disabled

Poverty and disability are linked. Disability increases poverty and vice versa.

If you are suddenly disabled you will feel the social and economic barriers and suffer poverty. Poverty can result in a disability as there is limited access to top health care, healthy food and safe housing.