Skills Courses In South Africa for Blind Students

Skills Courses In South Africa for Blind Students

Skills courses in South Africa for blind students should start early on and include computer skills, job seeking skills and work experience.  By teaching these skills we believe that people who are blind can learn first hand what members of a community do to gain work experience. The better their understanding of various jobs – the better their chances of becoming independent.  Learners will be able to observe and experience better within a training center and through a learnership program in the same way sighted learners can.

Learners will need specific instructions concerning the following:

  • Knowledge of relationship between work and play
  • Understanding the value of work
  • Knowledge of what a valued worker is
  • The variety of jobs others do
  • The variety of jobs blind employees can do
  • Job adaptations made for blind employees
  • Knowledge of the variety of jobs of interest, work experience, law related to employment and management

Job Awareness

Assist students with job awareness and opportunities by:

  • Encouraging communication with other staff members
  • Encourgsing blind learners to ask questions concerning jobs others hold and how they got those jobs.
  • Suggesting they “shadow” an employee that holds a job they would like to do
  • Discussing what other workers do and how to do these tasks
  • Discussing how people go about looking for jobs
  • Role playing the interview process
  • Building a healthy relationship between staff and blind learners

At Action we have a team of teachers who are visually impaired and highly trained in adaptive skills for the blind learner.  Our training center is equipped with top notch software and hardware in a friendly and comfortable environment. Our goal is to give back the gift of learning and independence to the blind members of society and make a difference within this much overlooked group of people with disabilities.

For more information about training that we offer, please contact Elsie Botha on 011 763 3366 or and Stephen Bergers on 011 763 2429 or