Skills Development in South Africa 2019

Skills development is an on the job training program. Once program is completed you will be awarded an NQF-registered qulaification. Skills development is more than just knowledge, it is experience gained.

A learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to an NQF-registered qualification. Learnerships are directly related to an occupation or field of work. The ultimate requirement of a learnership  is a combination of both a formal qualification and workplace experience.

There are countless benefits for your company to institute learnerships:

  • a skills rich environment that has an economic advantage over competitors due to an increase in necessary skills required for your industry.
  • The South African revenue Service rewards with incentives when a learnership is entered into. Employers can claim up to R40 000 when you enter into a learnership in your company.
  • Gaining learners who have work experience once learnership is complete.
  • Creating capable employees and motivating them to progress.

Benefits for the learner:

  • Provides a qualification which can be gained in the workspace, including an income.
  • Recognition of employee experience and knowledge gained.
  • Opens doors for employment and self-employment.
  • On the job training which is best practice.

There are two types of internship: paid and unpaid. Most are unpaid. Reason for this is that a learner is there to learn and not earn. If an internship is unpaid there are usually stipends or allowances for daily needs such as transport and meals.

The on the job training experience received is priceless and will never be found within a classroom. Learners have the opportunity to apply what they learn and gain a real life perspective of the workspace. Added to that, there are skills such as communication, teamwork and computer proficiency gained. Once a learner has completed the learnership, they are workspace ready in all areas.

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