Skills Development in the Workplace Foundations to Use

Skills Development in the workplace

Skills development in the workplace benefits the employer and employee in many positive ways.  Here we take a look at the few key strategies that help you support and create a skills development in the workplace foundation. 

#1.  Knowledge is an asset

It’s vital for an organization to set the right tone when entering into a learnership.  Foundation skills are important as they are core skills and help the learners with coping within the workspace. This shouldn’t be optional and improve efficiency and productivity.

Knowledge is an asset when implementing skills development into an organization.  Give the knowledge and the learners will grasp, retain and apply what they learn. 

#2.  Align Foundation Skills with Business Requirements

Knowledge is useful and is magic when applied. The problem with some organizations is that there is a rift between work and skills training.  Training isn’t a distraction, it is the bridge that mends an organizations team and structure.

#3.  Reward learners

To be rewarded for training is attractive and always motivates.  By gaining a certificate a learner gains confidence and satisfaction, which reduces high staff turnovers.

#4.  Improve the training experience

One key to providing effective training is to ensure that its viewed as useful and productive.  It should be continuous instead of short lived and forgettable. Making training memorable and accessible is key to a satisfying experience.

#5.  Give learners what they expect

It reflects the way people are accessing and receiving information by preserving the traditional ways of skills developemnt in the workplace.  With so much information out there, you need to be sure that the training competes with all these online resources.  We are living in a world that is advancing and training should always align with these changes.

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