Skills Development Planning is Good Business Sense

Skills development planning is a way of investing in your workforces career path. Skills development planning is very important in South Africa, especially in terms of future economic stability.

Unfortunately, many organisations focus soley on its present needs and they do not consider future changes. The significance and value of skills planning and growth arent considered at all.

Why Develop A Workplace Skills Plan?

  • Legal Obligation
  • Structured training for the year ahead – based on organisations needs
  • An opportunity to discover talents and skills that went unnoticed
  • Support skills development at sectoral and national levels

SETAs’ Role in Implementing Workplace Skills Plans

  • Workplace Skills Plans are registered with SETAs to correct the limited supply of skilled workers.
  • Workplace skills and Sector Skills Plans provide a holistic understanding of the importance of WSPs within each sector
  • Increasing and promoting skills development in an active learning environment
  • Increasing investment through continuing education and training.

Why Do Workplace SKills Plans Fail?

  • Poor information management
  • Flawed job descriptions
  • Defining and addressing vital requirements

How Can Effective Workplace SKills Be Implemented?

  • Workplace skills plans should be seen as priority
  • Plans should consider vital and scarce skills that are needed
  • Plans should be aligned with performance management and human resources management systems

How Can An Organisation Benefit From WSP Training?

  • Skills auditing that bridge the gaps
  • Integrating performance management systems
  • Implementing succession planning initiatives, new processes, and technological changes
  • Contributing towards succession planning and employment equity shows commitment towards B-BBEE codes
  • Become a recognized employer and organization

Work Skills Planning Employee Benefits

  • Enables employees to obtain nationally recognized qualifications
  • Gaining valuable work experience and personal growth
  • Employees are given chance to advance in their careers

Is It Important To Use an Accredited Training Provider?

Yes, it adds credibilty to your organisation and funding is used appropriateky.

Where Do I Start?

  • Secure support and endorsemnt at executive and line managembt levels.
  • Identify supporting initiatives and implementing those to address the application of learning back in the workplace environment.
  • A set projection of skills should be integrated into annual WSP for at least the next five years.

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