Skills Development in South Africa

Skills development in South Africa is a process of indentifying skills gap and developing or enhancing skills. It is vital as your skills will determine whether you are capable to do the work.

As the time is approaching for many students attempting to enrol in Universities and colleges and being turned away, we have a few skills sets that do not need a degree available. This would especially help students with a disability, who are only a small percentage of varsity accepted students.

The economy in South Africa has many segements, and businesses within these sectors deesperstely require young people to fill these posts. Many of these positions do not need a degree, and prefer someone who studied towards a qualification and gave technical and workplace experience. This is where a learnership program helps.

A learnership that is obtained through an accredited training provider is the answer when addressing the skills gap for students with disabilities and increase the level of employment in South Africa.

A learnership is a vocational and educational program that is combined with on-the-job training, leading to a registered National Qualification.

Benefits to the learner with disabilities:

  • A Nationally accredited qualification
  • A door into the workspace and future employment
  • A fixed-term employment contract and stipends during the course of the program

Benefits to the employee:

  • If an employee trains more learners than the company actually requires, they may be able to receive grants in excess of their levies. By training a vast number of learners, an employee reduces the unit cost for each learner, as the fixed cost factor will be spread over a larger amount. At the end of program you can then choose who you want to employ.
  • An employee can resolve the skills shortages in the business
  • Learnerships create a way of addressing prospects for adavancement in equity skills plans.

For more information about training that we offer, please contact Elsie Botha on 011 763 3366 or and Stephen Bergers on 011 763 2429 or