Skills Development training Providers In South Africa

Skills Development training providers

Skills development training providers ensure that an organizations workplace skills plan report is created and practiced.  They also serve as a go mediator between organizations and SETA.  You can either appoint one within your organization or use the services of an external training provider. 

The role of a Skills Development training provider is to:

Take a holistic view of skills development within an organization as a whole

Serve as a resource with regard to all aspects of skills development within an organization

Serve as a contact person between organization and SETA

Ensure that an organization databases can provide required data

Skills development training providers help with:

Developing a workplace skills plan that matches SETA compliance

Creating workplace skills plan

Advise the organization on quality assurance requirements as set by the SETA

Communicate SETA initiatives, grants and benefits to the organization and SDF’s who don’t comply

Perform their duties cannot be used as an excuse to the SETA by organizations in terms of deadlines missed, or miscommunication.

An SDF is a:

Facilitator – facilitating the development of an employer’s skills development strategy

Expert – to serve as an expert  and accrediting the employer as a training provider.  Developing strategies and planning and implementing training reports, with SETA requirements.

Administrator – Complete and submit all documentation

Advisor – To advise the employers and workforce on the National Skills development Strategy and the implementation of the WSP

Mediator – the go between employer and SETA

The main objectives of the NQF are to:

  •  Create a single integrated national framework
  • Facilitate access to, and mobility and progress  around education and training
  • Enhance education and training quality

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