Software For The Disabled And How It Helps

Software for the disabled provides people with disabilities the opportunity to share, connect and work.  There has even been new software for the disabled developed that makes their lives that much easier.  Here we look at how software for the disabled helps with a myriad of limitations.

#1.  Blind and Visually Impaired People

There is a myriad of hardware systems out there that can help blind and visually impaired persons such as:

  • Braille displays
  • Portable CCTV
  • Large Print Keyboards

There is also software available that is much more helpful:

  • JAWS – screen reader software
  • Windows 8 and OS X – voice activation options for browsing and operating a computer
  • Apps – which can be downloaded

#2.  Physically Disabled People

Focusing on input devices is beneficial for physically disabled people:

  • Trackball or Joystick – these help as a keyboard and mouse is not easy to use
  • Sip-and-puff – and head and eye-controlled mouses are available for those with severe limitations
  • One-handed keyboards – for those with one hand

#3.  Deaf and Hearing-Impaired People

Deaf people benefit more from computers and the internet than other groups.  Reason for this is much communication can be done through reading and writing:

  • YouTube – offers closed captioning
  • Apps – that help deaf people are many
  • Speech to Text – software that enables two-way communication possible

#4.  Learning Disabilities

People with learning disabilities may benefit from assistive listening tools and others from more interactive tools:

  • Apps – for autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and processing deficits that can be downloaded
  • Software – that helps with cognitive impairments and children who struggle with reading and listening.
  • Text-to-speech – Talking word processors will read out loud what a student has typed.  Auditory feedback is then given.  This is very beneficial for students with learning disabilities as they can listen to the written text and ascertain that it is clear. Many programmes offer a variety of software that has pitch, speed and volume customization.