Special Needs Parents Share – 5 Things You Must know

 Special needs parents share their thoughts and feelings about their children and what they want you to know.  It’s not that special needs parents think other parents couldn’t do what they do, they know you would, as we all love our children and would do anything for them.

  1. We hide our stress – “I tend to have a smile on my face when surrounded by friends and family, but on the inside, I’m constantly battling being exhausted, uncomfortable and at times, lonely.  we all love our children immensely, but it won’t take the pain away because we know we can’t always take away the hurt they may feel.”=Meagan Nash
  2. We wish we could socialize more – “No one wishes we could socialize and see you more than we do! You think you don’t see us often enough… we don’t see anyone often enough.  We do our best, but our lifestyle isn’t anything like yours.  Our choices aren’t like yours. And that’s all OK. We wouldn’t trade our daughter for anything in the world. So please accept that we go out and get together with others as often as physically possible”.=Rachel
  3. We are not superheroes – “I am not a superhero and God did not give me this child because He thought I was the only one could handle it.  He gave me this child because she is perfect just the way she is and she makes me a better person just by being her mom.”=Allison
  4. We Feel lonely – “I feel so lonely when surrounded by people. It’s hard for me to relate to any of our friends with children or even make time to be social for that matter.”=Jenn
  5. Parents who complain about their healthy kids annoy us – “I really do have a hard time listening to healthy baby worries (for example, “my 15-month-old still isn’t walking!), so pardon my absence from mommy groups. That’s one of the hardest things for me.“=Kallie