Stroke Survivors Rehabilitation through Aerobics

Stroke survivors rehabilitation through group exercises and walking improves mobility. Varied types of aerobics and walking experience significant improvement with endurance and walking despite having just had a stroke.

Stroke survivors that take part in aerobics and cardio exercise programs have the best chance of rehabilitation. Strokes are the leading cause of disability in the the world and physical therapy is the best method to improve mobility.

Post stroke care didn’t see aerobic fitness as a therapy until recently.

Elizabeth Regan, Ph.D candidate in exercise science at the University of South  Carolina said:

“It doesn’t matter how well you can walk if your endurance level keeps you at home”

 Adults aged between the age of 54-71 that did an aerobics exercise program that is like cardiac rehabilitation. Two to three sessions a week showed remarkable results within three months. Walking is the most common type of exercise. Cycling and mixed aerobics are the second most popular forms of rehabilitation.

Mixed aerobics provides the best results, then walking and next is cycling. With all these forms of exercises, there was a vast improvement on mobility and endurance within three months.

 Cardiac rehab therapy is a viable option for stroke survivors who have health issues similar to cardiac arrest survivors. Every hospital has a cardiac rehab therapy in place. These therapies can be used for stroke survivors too. They are affordable and well worth the effort for the long run.

Health is improved as well as confidence and a will to live. Having a stroke and losing mobility is very heartbreaking and many survivors suffer from depression. Aerobic exercise and walking can change all that.  

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