Student’s Stipends Are Not Used Wisely

Student’s stipends vary depending on the learnership program, internships or job duties you will undertake.  Stipends are designed to fund a student’s extra expenses such as food and travel.

 These stipends help when a learner enters an unpaid internship.  Stipends are available during the time of learnership.  Stipends will be paid at exact date each month or nearest such date.  With a stipend, learners do not have to borrow money while they study.

A disabled student can learn to budget their stipends now, then they will have an idea about what it is like living as a professional in day to day life. Ditch the expensive meals and share transport costs eg, carpools. Many students make the mistake of buying expensive luxuries instead of budgeting accordingly.

A student can survive if they are smart and tight handed with their stipends.

Here area few tips on managing stipends wisely:

  • Avoid impulsive shopping
  • Never go shopping on an empty stomach as you will buy more than you need
  • Smoke? Cut down
  • Live with others and split the rent
  • Watch your data and airtime usage
  • Make lunch instead buying lunch – it costs less to make your own
  • Do not skip classes – you throwing away money and not creating a good impression for future employment.
  • Drink water – its free and healthier for you, anyway.
  • Save some of your disability grant in a money market or fixed savings account for rainy days.
  • Never buy anything you cannot afford
  • Be responsible and take control
  • Keep record of all your spending. Keep all slips in a file and create a budget that suits your needs.

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