Successful Learnerships Tips

Successful Learnerships are important for launching a professional career. They are not only a great tool for preparation into the workplace but also for networking. The job market is very competitive and this is why learnerships are so vital. Successful learnerships are a kickstart for many students with disabilities.

Firstly, set goals.

  • Do not begin a learnership with unclear expectations. Decide what it is you want to gain out of the learnership.
  • Be open with human resources department about what you require to work independently.
  • No one can learn everything in one day, be patient with the process. Find out what stipend is given and what you are meant to use it on.
  • Dress to impress, you matter too.
  • Always be on time for learnership, this will prove that you are a punctual and serious candidate for the job.
  • Put your phone away. Only use it in your lunch hour.
  • Take notes. There will be tons of information from everyone that you cannot possibly take in at once.
  • Keep your personal stuff at home. The only person that needs to know your personal issues (if it is affecting your work) is your employer. Not your co-workers!
  • Ask questions, do not be afraid. You are there to learn.
  • Get to know supervisors. Stick with the winners and those who can teach you skills.
  • Go over and beyond. Anyone that steps outside their comfort zone is a worthy employee.
  • Be well mannered and professional. Shake hands and greet everyone.
  • Complete tasks on or before deadline. Be thorough and make sure all mistakes have been rectified. We all need a second opinion, so ask a co-worker what they suggest.

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