Sudden Disability is a Shock

Sudden Disability is a Shock

Sudden disability is a shock and you may have many emotions. What can I expect? How do I go forward? How is the disability going to affect my life?

Recovering from any injury does impact a persons life and can be painful for you and your family. Finding acceptance is a process and similar to grieving.

This is how you can find acceptance and heal when you experience a sudden disability:

Embrace your emotions

Shock and denial are the first things you will feel. If the injury is sever, you may feel anger and despair. You will make a deal with your higher power before you finally find acceptance. It is important to get the support you need during this process. Allow your friends, the community and family to be there for you.

Focus on your capabilities

Embrace all the changes with a positive mindset. Things will get better. Fight harder and overcome the barriers. You can be employed, you can enjoy life and you can work around the limitations. Social media is a great way to share your fears and there are many disability groups that offer support and advise.  Your disability will make you the most courageous person you have ever been.

Become a disability ambassador

Find purpose in your disability by helping others. You are your own best advocate. Educate yourself as much as possible about adaptations and skills and once you understand you can pass on the information to others. It is proven that service during a healing process helps you to feel worthy and part of something bigger.   

Have Fun!

Look for creative ways to enjoy yourself. Join a pottery class for blind and disabled people or start a blog about your experiences. There are many things that disabled people can do for fun. Just Google!