Sudden Illness And Disability Coping Tips

Sudden illness and disability are either manifested at birth or sometime during an individuals life. They can be gradual or sudden illness and disability. There is a genetic predisposition or environmental and lifestyle consequence. It is very overwhelming when trying to cope with a sudden illness and disability.

One day you are happy and life is good – the next your whole world comes tumbling down. You may lose your job and friends you once knew. It is only natural that you would grieve – the following will help you go through the process:

#1. Be Patient With Your Process

Your world is crashing down. You cannot see a life worth living. There is a sense of denial and shame. This is a miserable time as you lose your circle of friends. The postive side of this is that you will see who your true friends are.

These good friends will understand what you are going with you and show empathy. They will support you and do what they can to help you. Over time even the hardiest of friends may lose interest and tire of hearing about your misery. Discern which are the true friends, and accept that not all will be the “ride or die” type.

Sadly, there are friends who will take advantage of your situation and take all the attention for their supporting you. If you sense you are being used to impress others or to coax someone else’s ego, then you need to move away from that friend completely.

#2. Negative Feeling Do Not Go Overnight – Be Patient

Its important to talk about these negative emotions. Find a counselor that you feel comfortable with. You will feel that life is cruel and need a positive view until you can see it yourself. Soon a sense of acceptance will come about and you will be able to start a new life.

Talking about your feelings is healing, and having the right kind of support is key to moving forward.