Sudden Vision loss – Now What Do I Do?

Sudden vision loss has robbed you of the things you enjoyed. You feel isolated and are unable to read or watch the television.  Now what? At Action4 the blind and disabled we know these feelings of depression and hopelessness and want to help you become independent and successful.

Here are a few tips for coping with sudden vision loss:

Remove any Low Expectations

Remove all the old images and stereotypes you have about sudden vision loss out of your mind.  This life change hasn’t taken away your ability to think or communicate and help others.  People who have had sudden vision loss are successful in their careers and are leaders in their communities.

You Have Support

There is a solution to most problems.  There are many people within your community who can help you transition and teach you the skills needed to survive. There are many training centers that teach computer skills and many others skills, while you socialize with others just like you.

Grab Your Independence

It’s up to you to get organized.  Plan where you need things that you need in reach.  Put canned foods and fruits in separate cupboards, store fruit and vegetables on the lower shelf in the fridge etc.  It doesn’t cost much to get your home organized.  There are products available to help blind and disabled people return to work again.

Reach Out And Ask For Help

This is the hardest transition, asking for help when you didn’t need to before.  Your family and friends feel just as overwhelmed and may want to help but aren’t sure how.  The ones you love will want to be there for you and just waiting for you to ask.  Everybody, even sighted people ask for help. The more opportunities you have to show how you do things even with vision loss, the less awkward people will feel.