Super Heroes and Disability

Super heroes and disability

There are a wide range of disabilities that have been represented in comic books through the centuries.

  • Doctor Mid-Nite – blind
  • Captain marvels alter ego – has a cane when not in his disguise
  • Misty Knight – who is an amputee
  • Echo – deaf

Doctor Mid-Nite is a DC comic character who is the first disabled super hero. His vision is changed when his side kick crashes through a window. He can see in the dark but is blind during the day unless he wears infrared glasses.

Daredevil is a Marvel comic book hero who is played by Ben Affleck. He went blind when exposed to a radioactive substance. He is blind, but uses all his other senses and can “see” more than mortal people can.

Though these super heros are disabled, some feel they can’t be put into categories of positive role models as they are fantasy characters.  

 Daredevil has a super power that compensates for his disability, and this isn’t seen as fair or realistic.

What we need is more comic book characters that are believable and not negated by super powers.