Tips to Support Employees with Disabilities

Support employees with disabilities by making changes in the workplace. This would come with a few hurdles and you would need to be creative and goal orientated. It is important to implement specialized technology that will benefit all staff future and present.  You wouldn’t want to spend too much on something that will just become the proverbial “white elephant” in the room.  

Once you establish what it is the workforce needs, it is suggested that different types of accommodations and modifications can then be put in place. Some will be technical, and others a bit “out of the box” creative thinking.

Here are a few suggested changes that an employee can make in the workplace that will help visually impaired staff:

Assistive Technology

These are helpful when used in call centers and businesses that require employees to be on phone and computers. These include:

  • Synthetic speech output or text to speech
  • Portable note takers: hand-held devices that electronically receive, store and retrieve data. These are equipped with Braille display speech output.
  • Braille systems that transcribe information from computer into Braille text
  • Screen-magnification programs that change font size, enlarge icons and mouse pointer
  • Closed-circuit television for enlargement of document

Although pricey to implement, are a great investment for disabled staff wellbeing.

 In the meantime you may do these few thing:

  • Focus on lighting types and where the light source is situated
  • Use large print or Braille
  • Use electronic text and voicemail technologies for company communication
  • Provide an assistant that can help the employee with tasks and reading that Braille can’t translate.

 It’s also important to remember that employees that have disabilities may need accommodations such as a set schedule. This helps with transport and lift clubs. By understanding these needs and making small efforts to implement them, you workforce will feel valued and motivated. What you will have is a workforce that stays for the long run!

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