The Secret to Happiness with a Disability – Learnership

The secret to happiness with a disability isn’t with having money or having an able body. Even able bodied people have their share of gripes from life. The secret to happiness with a disability begins with inner peace.

No More Regrets

A lot of us become disabled through an accident. Living in regret every day isn’t going to change anything and you cannot go back. Thinking about it daily is stealing the peace you deserve. Live day by day, it’s the only way.

Coming to peace with your disability and how it happened is key. Keeping negative emotions such as anger towards the person who caused it is the start to healing. It may seem incredibly difficult but it enables you to heal.  

 Become Independent

Relying on others can be avoided. Do not become too dependant or lazy and letting others do things for you. By being to dependant your happiness will sink away bit by bit. Try everything, from making an entire recipe from start to finish without asking for help to going for driving lessons. Do what you once enjoyed, you still can.

 If you are a student with a disability, enter into a learnership. This is a great way to show others and more importantly – yourself. You are important and you can succeed.

Embrace Your Individuality

When you are disabled, it can be stressful and embarrassing. You will feel the stares in public. Embrace your disability and your authenticity. We are all different, even able bodied humans.

Interact with Other People Like You

There are many disability groups on facebook and many other social media platforms.

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