Tips For Disabled Travelers

Its that time of the year when disabled travelers make their way to holiday destinations or family abroad.  Here are a few helpful tips for disabled travelers.

#1.  Plan Ahead

The more research you do about your destination, the better your experience will be.  First, find out what places are wheelchair friendly and accessible to disabled travelers.

#2.  Book Accommodation in Advance

Reason for this is affordability and convenience.  Hotels with accommodations are usually fully booked by September, so its best to book before then, and the price is cheaper.  This will also give you the motivation to save for the extra things you would like over the holidays, knowing your accommodation has already been sorted.

 #3.  Plan Your Route 

If you know what to expect at your destination, your trip will be stress-free.  There will most likely be many ways to get to the tourist attractions you are looking forward to seeing. Some routes will have wheelchair ramps, flat surfaces, and smooth paths.  Other places may have pebble paving, stairs and steep hills that aren’t pleasant at all.  Do your homework and find places that have accessible paths, pavements and buildings before your trip. You may find references or testimonials from previous disabled visitors on the hotel’s website.

#4.  Stay in Accessible Parts of town

This one is the hardest part of planning your trip.  The hotel may be accessible but the surrounding area not as much.  check things like hills, stairs, and a map of the area – Google Maps View.

#5.  Have a Plan B

Keep a backup plan in mind as you never know what you may find once at your destination.  Anything can go wrong and you do not want to be miserable over the festive season. You deserve a break and do not need to be stuck at a place that you cannot even move around in.