Top Assistive Devices That Empower In 2018

Top assistive devices that empower the disabled. In a world where there are many new technologies being developed, the disabled are benefiting and able to become independent.

DynaVox EyeMax

This is Dynavox’s most advanced eye-access method out there.  It allows users of the DynaVox Vmax or Maestro series device to access their communication device using their eyes.  This is a direct access to the powerful features of the Dynavox series 5 devices.

Smartbox Grid Pad

The Grid Pads range of communication aids are used globally and are next Gen types of software for communicating and symbols.  It allows the user to communicate what they want by using symbols that represent words and phrases.

Abilia – Comtrol Omni and Emfit Epilepsy Alarm

Abilia has been around for some time in the world of top assistive devices companies.  The companies products aid people with planning their day, communicating and control devices for their homes that call for attention.

  • Control Omni – allows the user to control their home with just the click of a button and speak to the outside world via a built-in mobile phone.
  • Emfit Epilepsy Alarm – developed to pick up epileptic attacks and warn someone that help is needed.

 Pedius is bridging the gap in communications for deaf people.   The recipient talks and it is translated into text for the reader to read.  This is helpful for deaf people to speak to family, friends or anyone without using expensive equipment or a translator.


The EksoGT is one of the first EksoGT approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.  This device helps stroke and spinal cord injured people during rehabilitation.  It is designed to help patients get up again and reduces physical strain on therapists during rehabilitation sessions.

Amazons Alexa

This is one of the most inexpensive edtech pieces.  It is a simple way for students to read and write on a deeper level.  Most students rather enjoy the games and fun stories that keep their attention.