Top Disability Blogs Of 2018 That Inspire

Top disability blogs of 2018.  Being a parent of a special needs child or having a disability yourself can be a lonely place.  Fortunately, in this day and age, we have a vast amount of information and communities online that get us.

Here are a few of the top disability blogs of 2018:

#1.  The Mighty –

Their Slogan is:

“We face disability, disease and mental illness together”

Their “Who We Are” Page states:

“The Mighty is a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities.” 

“We have over 2 million registered users and are adding a new one every 20 seconds.

#2.  Disability Thinking –

Disability life, ideas, identity, culture, commentary, and politics

#3.  Don’t Dis My Ability –

This website is an Australian campaign that celebrates the diversity and ability of people with disabilities.  It exposes real life and employment journeys of people living with a disability.  Each year events are held throughout NSW to celebrate Don’t DIS my ABILITY and International Day of People with a disability.

#4.  My Disability Matters –

My Disability Matters aims to improve the lives of people living with a disability.”

This site features up to date disability news.  There are sections about disability lifestyle, parenting, independent living, and human rights.  valuable valuable source for worldwide disability news.  This is a worthwhile site to subscribe to or bookmark.

 #5.  Thinking Out Loud –

You know those disabled people that never leave their home and can’t do anything for themselves? well, I’m not that type of person…I’m here to smash those stereotypes and hopefully entertain you along the way.”

Sassy, a young lady from London writes about disabilities and intends on raising awareness about all types of disabilities with a dash of humor.

*Please comment if you know of any other blogs that inspire.