Training Providers That Comply With B-BBEE

Training providers that comply with B-BBEE are all around. If you are a business owner and would like to know more about what the ins and outs are, read further.

What is B-BBEE?

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a government initiative to improve on employment for previously disadvantaged individuals.  Disabled employees, black employees, stakeholders and business owners would be treated as equals now.

B-BBEE empowers previously disadvantaged people through “codes of good practice”.  It has become compulsory for businesses to have a B-BBEE compliance certificate.

Levels Of B-BBEE compliance, include:

  • Exempted Micro Enterprises – these businesses have a yearly income under R10 million.
  • Qualifying Small Enterprises – these businesses have a yearly income between R10 and R50 million.
  • Medium to Large Enetrprises – these businesses have an income above R50 million each year.

The above distinguishes which turnover compliance level your business falls into and the B-BBEE scorecard you need to refer to from the B-BBEE pillars implemented in your business for compliance.  Your business will a level eight contributor status towards level one.

In laymans terms, once your turnover has shown the size of your business, you have a responsibility to according to the scorecard system.  This is done through the five pillars of B-BBEE.

What Are The Pillars Of B-BBEE?

These are pillars that contribute toyour B-BBEE score as you implement and include them in your business.  The top three pillars are:

  • Ownership – 25 percent weighting, referring to black voting rights and shareholding in business through black partnerships an employee trust scheme or joint venture agreement.
  • Management – 15 percent weighting and a possible 4 percent bonus for certain criteria.  Management control refers to black members at the top and voting rights with control on the executive boards of an enterprise.
  • Skills development – is an important aspect of B_BBEE as it provides training for previously disadvantaged South Africans.  Action is a training provider that offers assistance with such.

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