Training providers in South Africa for blind learners is a training programme for all disabled people to learn computer and administrative skills.  This is called an entry/exit programme.  Most entrants are from high school and are trained to the point where they can ‘exit’ the programme and be ready for the workforce.

With the correct mentorship, we at Action believe that a learner in a learnership will have the confidence to improve on their skills and be able to find work.

By encouraging learners within a structured training environment and mentoring the blind to go past their limitations, we can break the barriers that keep the blind from being successful members of society. 

We aim to increase job opportunities for blind learners  in South Africa.  Statistics suggest that there are only 0.9 percent of 1.4 million employed blind South Africans. This figure is below the Employment Equity Act’s policies, which demands a 2 percent of workforce should be employees with disabilities.

Worldwide around 10 percent of people who are blind and disabled do not have the required skills – they are dependent on government grants for survival, which isn’t enough.

Businesses will benefit when employing people with disabilities as in the long run there will be more consumers in the industry.   Since 2011 there have been 176 students placed in small businesses, learnerships and skills development. 

There is a lot of stereotype surrounding those who are visually impaired, as it is believed they cannot do certain jobs.  At Action, we see the potential of all blind South Africans and this is why we are one of the training providers in South Africa that go the extra mile to train and mentor learners.