Travellers with Disabilities Go the Extra Mile

Travellers with Disabilities Go the Extra Mile

Travelers with disabilities are unique but not weaker than able bodied travelers. Here are a few facts about travelers with disabilities that you don’t know:

  1. They are not helpless

They are used to getting around with a wheelchair and each one has their own way of doing physical things. Offers to help are appreciated and they will decline most times as it makes them feel independent.

  • They have to starve or dehydrate themselves before flying

Reason being is that no one is thrilled to use the airplane bathroom and its even worse for a person in a wheelchair.

  • They are used to the “inconvenience”

Certain things such as waiting in the heat at an airport pick up point and struggling to go into the airport shops as they are so fully packed is all part of finding peace in such situations.

  • They are better at planning trips than flight agents

Every detail of the trip is scrutinized and there is no space for error when a person with a disability makes travel arrangements.

  • They take nothing for granted

The most simplest experience such as riding a boat or plane for the first time is a huge accomplishment and they take in every moment with everything they have.