Unemployment is High for People with Disabilities

Unemployment is high for people with disabilities.  According to a study by the International Labour Office (ILO) young people with disabilities struggle to find employment due to a lack of social skills such as work attendance. Without social skills there is no job stability and reduced job capability.

Action focuses on communication skills within the workspace through computer skills and learnership programmes.  The best way for a young person with a disability to enter the workspace is through on-the-job training.

 Unemployment is high for people with disabilities in South Africa.  Around 5 percent of South African’s have a disability. Income poverty in our country is however much lower than other sub-saharan African countries. About 7 percent of the population earn under R15 per day, while 23 percent earn under R30 per day. A shocking statistic that definitely needs to be addressed.

The unemployment rate was 30.5 percent in 2002.  Woman suffered the highest with unemployment, as well as with black South Africans at around 50 percent. It is factual and significant that the level of income depends on race, age, gender and disability factors.

People with disabilities are around 1 percent of the workforce in South Africa. In 2001 census report the rate was at 18.6 percent of unemployed disabled people. Woman with disabilities have it worse than men according to the statistics. Most women with disabilities in South Africa are the sole bread winners and have little to no support from any family. This is a case of double discrimination when a woman has a disability. A woman will be less advantaged in the workspace and society. Woman with disabilities have to fight sexism, disability stigma and their capabilities as a working individual.

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