The Unemployment Rate for Workers with Disabilities

The Unemployment Rate for Workers with Disabilities

The unemployment rate for workers with disabilities is high in South Africa.  Disability organizations and communities devote a lot of time and energy to improve the development of workers who have a disability.  The unemployment rate for workers with disabilities can be minimized when we bridge the gap through learnerships.

The unemployment rate is twice as high as that of able bodied workers.  Sadly, these groups of people are being paid below minimum wage even when they are keeping up to standard with the workforce.

We need to look at disability employment in a professional manner instead of from an charity perspective. There are businesses that are leaders in promoting a disability friendly workspace.  These businesses are proud to be branded as a company with heart and soul. 

Why are they so passionate?

When we look beyond labels we can be challenged to look past traditional sources and types. By doing this, we can employ people that share the same values and service to the community. People with disabilities bring a lot to the table as they are unique and have an air of warmth around them.

It is beautiful to be able to be inspired by this type of diversity and inclusion in the workspace. People with disabilities are an important part of a diverse pool of talent and bring paramount talents to the workspace. Employee retention is increased if companies add the necessary accommodations and invest in training for employees with a disability.

Studies show that consumers prefer dealing with businesses that have disabled employees.  It is definitely a branding source that brings about profitability in the purest sense.

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