Vegan Diet Is Better For Diabetics

Vegan Diet Is Better For Diabetics

Vegan diet is better for diabetics according to a new study published in Nutrients by researchers from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. A plant based diet improves beta-cell function and insulin sensitivity in overweight adults with no history of diabetes.

By measuring the function of beta cells that store and release insulin,  it’s easier to assess type 2 diabetes risk. A study was done with randomly assigned participants who were overweight and had no history of diabetes compared to intervention/control group in a 1:1 ratio.

Participants in the intervention  followed a low fat vegan diet based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and no calorie diet.

The control group made no changes to their diet and neither group changed routine exercise or medication. Researchers determined using mathematical model, that the group on plant based diet increased meal stimulated insulin secretion and beta-cell glucose sensitivity, compared to those in control group. The plant based diet group also experienced decrease in blood sugar levels while fasting and during meal tests.

Hana Kahleova, M.D, Ph.D. says that type 2 diabetes affects millions and millions more who have prediabetes. The intervention group lost weight, including body fat and insulin resistance decreased. As a result their beta function improved.

Dr. Kahleova said, ” If nothing changes, our next generation, the first expected to live shorter lives than their parents is in trouble. One third of young Americans are projected to develop diabetes in their lifetimes. Fortunately this study adds to the growing evidence heat food really is medicine and that eating healthy plant based diet can go a long way in preventing diabetes.

Past studies have shown plant based diets not only have power to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes but also aids in weight loss, improved cholesterol and lower blood pressure which is good for the heart.