Vision Loss Worldwide

Vision Loss worldwide

Vision Loss can be prevented or cured. More than 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired according to WHO statistics. About 80 percent of cased could be avoided or been cured.

Regular eye exams are vital and helpful in detection of eye problems such as glaucoma. This disease has few symptoms in early stages.

In some cases people experience symptoms of eye pain or change in vision which requires medical attention. If you experience the following symptoms you should see a doctor immediately.

Flashing lights, shadows and floaters in vision

The sudden seeing of flashing lights, increase in floaters or shadow in your peripheral vision could be sign that the retina has detached. Eye disease, glaucoma and nearsightedness are amongst these causes of retinal detachment. Unless treated quick with surgery can advance into blindness.

Any loss of Vision suddenly

Sudden vision loss could signal eye disease and conditions. Macular degeneration being one of them. This is normally age related like AMD. Vision loss due to AMD can be gradual, in some cases sudden. Blood vessels leak fluid into the eye under the retina which consists of nerve cells. Another cause is glaucoma, caused by rapid fluid build up that ultimately damages the optic nerve.

Eye Pain

Most eye diseases are painless but some conditions and injuries can result in eye pain. Eye pain can be a result of glaucoma, eye injury, dry eye, scratched cornea and sadly cancer of the eye.

Eye Injury

Any injury to the eye is to be checked by a doctor especially if symptoms of redness or pain lasts for longer than 20 minutes.

Persistent eye discomfort

If there is discomfort in eye after doing something where a small particle like a grain of sand or anything small could have got into eye then don’t leave it. Medial attention is vital to see if there are any foreign particles stuck which can cause infection.

Red eye

Two red eyes aren’t as serious as one red eye. when both are red it could be conjunctivitis. One red eye is indication of a deeper inflammation such as scleritis and uveitis. Scleritis is an inflamed outer protective barrier around eye. Uveitis is inflammation and swelling get of the middle coating of the eye.

Eye Discomfort with contact lenses

While most people use contact lenses and follow instructions on lens care, infections can occur. Never ignore pain, redness or discomfort.

Blurred Vision

Even if it clears, it can be a sign of many eye problems like glaucoma, uveitis, torn retina or AMD. A cortoroid artery could be blocked. Seek medical attention immedietely.