What Do Blind People See?

What Do Blind People See?

What do blind people see? This is a question many ask. Here we take a look at the different visual impairments and what these people see.

Blind from Birth

A person who is born blind has never seen anything. It is not true that blind people only see blackness. The reason is that they haven’t seen so they cannot compare it to a color. It is best described as “nothingness”. Close one eye and use the open one to focus on something. What does the closed eye show you?

Answer: Nothing!

Sudden Blindness

People who experience sudden blindness describe it as complete darkness. Some people see flashes of light or vivid hallucinations such as shapes, colors or flashes of light. This is known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome and isn’t caused by brain damage.

Legally Blind

They may be able to see large objects and people, but they not in focus. A legally blind person may see colors or be able to focus at a distance.  In some cases there may be color acuity or vision haziness.