What is a skills Development Provider? SETA Approved

What is a skills Development Provider?

What is a skills development provider? If you are a small or large business owner, you can benefit from a skills development provider and gain B-BEE points.

A skills development provider is responsible for planning, implementing and reporting of training in an organization – using SETA related duties.

Who can be appointed as a skills development provider?

Large organizations –  there are in house trainers or Human Resource managers that take on the role of skills development provider. 

Small organizations – The role of training provider is required.  Action for the blind and disabled is such a training provider.

 Functions of Skills training providers

  • Implementation of workplace skills with SETA requirements
  • Submit the Work skills plan to SETA
  • Advise employer on SETA implementation
  • Assist employer with Annual Training Report
  • Advise employer on SETA requirements
  • Act as contact person between SETA and employer
  • Be the go to person with regards to skills development queries
  • Communicate with employer regarding grants and benefits to the employer

Skills development provider roles

The training provider must request resources, facilities, and training needed by the employer to perform the functions listed above.

Skills Development providers are a:

Facilitator – for the development of an employers skills development plan

Expect Resource : accrediting the employer as training provider and for implementing of correct learnership programmes.

Administrator – completing and submitting Work Skills Plan and Annual training report

Advisor – advise employers and employees regarding National Skills Development strategy.

Education and needs evaluation – assess the skills development needs of an organization.

Mediator – serving as a contact person between employer and relevant SETA.

Skills development providers are an important part of businesses in South Africa – large or small.


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