Wheelchair Gardening Made Easy

Wheelchair gardening is a fun activity for those who have green fingers.  There is nothing more fabulous than being able to plant a seed and watching it grow.  Anyone who has ever tried gardening can agree that it is therapeutic and not an expensive hobby at all.

Here are a few ways to make wheelchair gardening an easy activity:

Raised Beds

When working for the beds in a seated position, it is easier if the soil level is 24 to 36 inches from ground level.  This level allows a gardener to dig and plant without getting tired.  If the bed is too tall, it makes it difficult to lift a watering jug or hose. Also, a 24-inch bed height makes harvesting easier for people growing vegetables, as taller plants such as beans will require upward work.

For gardeners who wish to work frontwards on their knees, a height of 24″ is suggested.  By placing needs under a planter, the gardener is closer.  The height of the planter needs to be 34″.  With a 36″ tall bed, the seated Gardner will be able to work at shoulder height,  which can cause strain.  This height may be perfect for flower gardening but not suitable for harvesting vegetables and plants that grow rather tall.

Width is important. A raised planter for seated gardeners will be suitable with a width of 3″.  With a wider bed, seated gardeners will struggle to weed and tend to plants in the center of the bed.

Work from the side instead of from the front

When the wheelchair is positioned sideways to the planter, it is far easier to garden.  Working the planter frontwards, causes strain when bending from the waist.  Sideways positioning is better for alternating and it is good exercise. When working sideways, the wheelchair has less chance of moving back and forth as you garden.