Working With People Who Have a Disability Tips

Working With People Who Have a Disability Tips

Working with people who have a disability is about collaborating and not pity. Due to the stigma and discrimination towards people with disabilities, there is an aura of complacency. This overlooked group of people have started to believe they are the things others tell them they are. This effects how they go on through life. This mindset must and can change.

Be their mirror

A mirror reflects. So reflect positivity. Help them to see themselves as functioning people in society. Encourage them by telling them that you believe in them and let them know that you are a team. Show them the way to independence and to rely on themselves. Once they realize their strengths, they will be able to develop themselves in any area in their lives.

Learn more about disabilities

There are so many disabilities in the world. It is a vast subject and the more you educate yourself, the better your understanding will be.

Never assume that a person is disabled

Always ask in a polite manner. Many will not admit they have an unseen disability due to discrimination and the fact that they have to prove that they have it.

Disability etiquette

Treat people with disabilities with respect. As disability inclusion grows, so must we as a community. There is no space for offensive and nasty remarks about a person’s disability. Let go of ignorance and take the time to get to know a person who has a disability. Be a mirror of positivity.

Communication is key

Communication is key to a successful team of disabled employees. Always speak directly to the disabled employee in a normal tone. Never ever try and finish a disabled persons sentences or talk on their behalf. If communication is unclear, get them to write it down.