Youth Skills Development Programme importance

Youth skills development programme helps prevent negative outcomes such as gangs and drug abuse. Youth skills development helps youth in risk areas to become successful despite the odds.

There are a few supports that youth require to overcome these obstacles:

  • Emotional and Physical Safety – meeting the youth’s basic needs. trust and respect
  • Caring Relationships – from an adult and peers
  • Youth Participation – includes opportunities such as a voice, multiple choices, leadership and a say in decision making.
  • Community assistance – opportunities for the youth to connect and impact their community positively.

South Africa has been trying to reduce youth issues such as:

  • academic failure
  • drug abuse
  • teen pregnancy
  • juvenile crime
  • lack of job readiness skills

These efforts have had poor results because of:

  • poverty
  • Poor parenting
  • lack of support and opportunities
  • lack of clear standards

Youth with disabilities have similar issues,such as:

  • difficulties in school
  • poor navigation and decision making skills
  • lack of sense of purpose
  • lack of clear standards in the community

Even if some issues are addressed there are still existing issues, such as:

  • getting into college
  • Finding work
  • Living a purposeful life

Today’s workforce lacks the skills needed to ensure youth with disabilities becoming successful.

Creating or increasing opportunities for:

  • Out-of-school programs; such as after-school programmes and mentoring programs
  • Involving the youth in the community through volunteering, service learning opportunities, and decision making and leadership roles in the community
  • Application of learning methods and learnership and youth skills development programmes
  • On the job training
  • Funding for prevention and intervention programs versus punishment and enforcement efforts
  • Increasing caring relationships through mentorship
  • Training staff to create relationships and competency training for organizations

The government can direct funding for job skills at many levels, including:

  • schools
  • training authorities – such as Action

Action aims to improve job placements for youth with disabilities through learnership program. This opens doors for job opportunities and a sustainable livelihood.

The youth skills developmemt programme is vital for many people with a disability.

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